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June 29, 2010

Healthy Eating Habits to Increase Your Metabolism

admin @ 1:15 am

I often meet people who skip their meals. Some skip them to lose weight, some do not have the time and some are simply not hungry.

Most people are not aware that his habit weaken the digestion and decrease the metabolism.

Our body organs need nourishment to carry out its functions. Skipping meals deprive the body of that nourishment. Overtime, the organs’ functions will decline. Lack of appetite, low energy, bloating and nausea are signs of weak digestion and low metabolism.

How to Improve Your Metabolism:

1) Eat three meals a day.  Be consistent wit  the time when you eat.  Have more carbohydrates and proteins for breakfast and lunch.  Your dinner should have more vegetables.
*Big Breakfast
*Medium Lunch
*Small Dinner

2) Eat your cooked/warmed food first. This will get your metabolism going, whereas the raw/cold food will slow it down. Raw/cold food makes the digestion work harder to break down. Eat your salad/fruits afterward as a side dish.

3) Avoid drinking cold water and sodas while you eat.  They tend to decrease the stomach’s acid juice, further impending the digestion function.  I recommend drinking teas with enzymes such as Calli Tea and Fortune Delight.  The enzymes can help with digestion and absorption.

It usually takes about two weeks for your metabolism to change.  When your metabolism increases,  your body may feel lighter and have more energy.

Call or email me for questions regarding this blog, 626-688-1439.

Best wishes, Wing

April 22, 2010

Neck Pain

admin @ 8:12 pm

Do you suffer from neck pain?

Many times, the shoulder’s posture contributes to the pain in the neck. In a healthy posture, the shoulders sit superior and slightly posterior to the torso and the arms hang down toward the back to the rib cage. Most neck pains come from the shoulders hunched forward, where the arms are hung more toward the front of the rib cage.

Shoulders hunching forward is common among us. It is often many years in the making. Many hours working on your computer, driving in your car, cooking and cleaning dishes in your kitchen will make your shoulders hunch forward.

This misalignment of the shoulder joints also affect the circulation to the arms and hands, and it may also cause conditions such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel. The circulation to the head may also be affected, giving conditions such as headaches and eye pain.

In addition to body pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and low energy are among the many conditions that are also influenced by poor shoulder posture.

Acupuncture and proper stretching can provide symptom relief and improve shoulder alignment. Acupuncture treatments will help improve the circulation by opening up the nine meridians that can be affected when the shoulders are misaligned. Improved circulation can better nourish the soft tissues and tendons, relax the muscles and reduce the inflammation.

Proper stretching can elongate and relax the affected muscles, and with time, can improve the posture of the shoulders.   You do not have to live with pain.

Warm regards,